Here are some of the issues I care about and what I plan to do about them. For even more in-depth discussions of each of these issues—and more—look out for articles coming soon.

Comment below with your ideas, questions, and comments!


1. Domestic Violence (DV) — The number of domestic violence assistance calls in Mission Viejo is on the rise, more than doubling from 113 calls in 2000 to 250 in 2014. DV calls are also the most lethal calls for police to respond to.crime scene do not cross signage

Learn more about domestic violence and what I plan to do to help here.

2. Technology and Evidence-Based Policing — In 2009, Mission Viejo was the 3rd safest city in the nation, but in 2017 we were only the 19th safest in the state (even though Rancho Santa Margarita, Aliso Viejo, and Laguna Woods were ranked Nos. 2, 3, and 4, respectively).

Learn about what I how I plan to make Mission Viejo safer here.


1. The Opioid Epidemic — In 2011, Mission Viejo had an average of 37 ER visits per 100,000 people annually due to opioid overdose, and that number grew to 64 visits in 2015.

blue and silver stetoscopeLearn more about the opioid epidemic and how I will fight it as a city council member here.

2. Mental HealthMission Hospital identified mental health as the number one healthcare priority for the community in its 2017 Community Health Assessment Report.

Learn about what we can do to improve mental healthcare in Mission Viejo here.


From reducing traffic to lowering energy usage (and related costs), there is a lot that

boulders cave creek environment

city governments can do to help preserve our environment.


Learn about all the innovative ways local governments can help our environment here.


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  1. Hi Michael – I have been a resident of Mission Viejo for almost 40 years. We raised our sons here and recently moved to Casta Del Sol. I am an artist and participate in the annual Arts Alive Street Painting Festival. I currently teach classes at the Potocki Art Center and taught Art at Newhart Middle School.
    I would like to see the MV City Council more supportive of the arts in the future. The city recently spent millions on renovating the Natadores complex. Meanwhile the Arts programs receive minimal financial support. We are fortunate to finally have a facility designated for the Arts, however, it is small and in need of improvements. Parking is a challenge, for one. Take a look at the Irvine Art Center as a means of comparison.

    Good luck on your campaign,
    Maribeth McFaul

    1. Hi Ms. McFaul,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to me! I very much appreciate your input on how to improve arts education in Mission Viejo. I have sent you an email with a fuller response to your question.

      Thank you again.

      Michael McConnell

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